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Paving Caps Suppliers Melbourne

KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions has gained a good name for providing a wide range of paving caps to Melbourne and the Victorian market. We offer a large selection of pavers and more. We take great pleasure in our high-quality services and have established ourselves as a distinguished stone supplier in Melbourne. We can meet the needs of whatever paving supplies you want, whether they’re brick or artificial stone. We are located in Melbourne, where we are delighted to provide high-quality paving materials all over Australia.

Caps for Pavers

Pavers are a fantastic option for adding life to an outdoor living space. They’re ideal for people who want to upgrade the look of their outside living area.

Installing Paving Caps

There are two ways to lay pavers. Pavers from KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions may be laid on either a flexible or rigid base.

The panels are easily installed, as they do not need to be trimmed or milled.

The final stage of installation is to lay flagstones on a compacted road base and bedding sand. This is a popular approach among backyard paving projects. You may still apply this technique for driveway paving with tiny format pavers or any paver that measures at least 50mm in thickness.

Laying pavers over a concrete base is known as rigid installation. When the condition of your soil is poor or consists of poorly drained clay, this technique is ideal. With this method, you may lay your pavers on a driveway using pavers with a diameter greater than 50mm or any paver that has a thickness of less than 50mm.

What do Paving Caps do

Straight Walls with Flat Caps

Wall caps are available to finish the top of wall panels for straight or curved sections. When completing a straight section, alternate the direction of the Wall Cap. Along both sides and on each end of the raised rings, apply a layer of flexible concrete adhesive before securing with wall caps.

Capping a Curve

Simply place the long end of the Wall Caps facing outward when capping a conventional curve. Apply a bead of flexible concrete adhesive on top of each block’s raised ring and along both sides of each Wall Cap for temporary holding.

Capping a Corner

It’s possible to finish a patio wall corner with wall caps without any cutting, but by adjusting the cap somewhat, you may get a more elegant appearance