Adjustable Deck & Paver Pedestals

Adjustable Deck & Paver Pedestals

KHD’s adjustable deck & paver pedestals are eco-friendly and easy to use. Made of high-strength, lightweight plastic, these supports completely eliminate the need to use sand when laying pavers.

Make it easy to install natural stone pavers and tiles.  Our range of adjustable pedestals give you the ability to level any surface as they serve as a foundation for different types of pavers or flooring such as timber, composite decking, marble, granite, porcelain and precast concrete.  The pedestals are used to create raised floors on balconies, green roofs, water features, roof terraces, pedestrian walkways, patios and pool surrounds.  Using pedestals sometimes known as PODS, ensure you get sophisticated paving without the need for expensive structural work. A pedestal system can be placed on any stable substrate, over an insulation pane and waterproofing membranes.

Benefits Adjustable Pedestals

  • Solutions for creating even raised flooring, quickly and easily
  • No more need for sand
  • Ideal for a wide variety of uses
  • Provide access to waterproof membrane

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adjustable deck & Paver pedestals
adjustable deck & Paver pedestals balcony
Support pads installation


VersiPave® pedestals are engineered to provide a versatile and cost-effective solution to support raised pavers in an ecofriendly way. Providing a cavity to conceal services, improves heat and sound insulation, and facilitates rapid surface drainage whilst allowing waterproofing and services to remain accessible.


VersiJack® is a height and slope-adjustable pedestal engineered by Elmich used to support paver or decking to reduce material, construction and lifecycle costs.
Catering to a wide range of height requirements, from 37mm -1016mm, using only three main components parts (Top, Extender and Base).
Accessories includes top and bottom slope correctors, spacer tabs, height extenders and bearer holders.

VersiJack CP Retainer

Prevent wind uplift to pavers mounted on pedestals in exposed installations, such as rooftops and balconies.

The Elmich Versijack CP Retainer Pedestal system is totally discreet and invisible.

The system is manufactured from high strength engineering plastics comprising of a Base Plate clipped onto the top of a standard Elmich pedestal (which can be further secured with screws) and 4 Paver Corner Plates located into recesses in the Base Plate retained in position by a Retaining Cross and held down by a screw threaded into the center of the Base Plate.

The components are supplied pre-assembled and so installation is as straightforward as with conventional pedestal mounted pavers.

Adhesive (Weicon Flex 310 M) applied to the Corner Plates prior to the installation of the pavers ensures the pavers are securely attached to the pedestal. The pedestal can be bonded to the substrate for additional security.