Timeless Elegance: Kent Grey Marble Transforms Melbourne Pool Surrounds

In the suburbs of Melbourne, the marriage of timeless elegance and modern sophistication comes to life through the use of Kent Grey sandblasted marble. This stunning material, supplied by KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions, has been expertly employed in the pool surrounds of an 8-meter-long rectangular pool built by Aquadreamz and landscaped by Adam Hompas Landscapes.

Kent Grey Marble Features:

  • Cloud-Like Greys, Pewter, and Silvers: The Kent Grey marble boasts a mesmerizing blend of cloud-like greys, pewter tones, and silvery hues. These natural variations create a captivating visual effect, making the pool surround a true focal point.
  • Naturally Occurring Veins: Interwoven with naturally occurring veins, the marble adds depth and character to the pool area, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Design Details:

  • Neutral Palette: The stone’s neutral palette ensures it harmonizes seamlessly with the internal pool tiles, supplied by The Pool Tile Company. The combination of Kent Grey marble and pool tiles creates a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.
  • 60mm Thick Drop-Down Edge: The 60mm drop-down edge serves as a solid stone coping, framing the pool beautifully. Its substantial thickness ensures a luxurious appearance and provides a sturdy anchor for the pool.
  • Elevated Pool Pavers: To meet local authority requirements, the surrounding pool pavers were elevated on paving pedestals. This thoughtful design choice ensures stability and compliance while maintaining the design intent.

Investment in Property: Using Kent Grey marble is not just a design decision; it’s an investment in your property. The durability and timeless appeal of marble ensure that your outdoor space will be enjoyed for years to come.

Additional Offerings:

  • Skimmer Box Lids: KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions also offers skimmer box lids, ensuring a cohesive look throughout the pool area.
  • Matching Cladding: For a unified appearance, consider matching the coping with cladding using the same exquisite Kent Grey marble.

At KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions, we understand the importance of creating a cohesive and visually pleasing outdoor environment. Let Kent Grey Marble elevate your pool surrounds to a new level of elegance and sophistication.
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Kent Grey Marble Pool surrounds

Kent Grey Marble Pool

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