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Stone pin
Stone clip

Stone Clip

StoneClip offers you a refined method of securely fixing panels of stone and other materials to a substrate in a vertical position.
The anchoring system is made up of unique stainless-steel brackets which are the perfect solution for fixing stone wall cladding, natural stone, ceramic and large format panels across both the domestic and commercial markets. The clips cater to different weights, dimensions and sizes of stone.

Stone cladding tiles that weigh over 4kg each and are installed at a height over 1.8 meters should be mechanically fixed to a structural wall. This ensures the cladding tile is securely fixed and will meet compliance and longevity.

Another major advantage of the Stone Clip is that specialised tools are not required in the fixing process.

Stone Clip is an eco-friendly product and has a 5-Star Green Rating.
The team are constantly researching and developing better ways to upgrade their Stone Clip and aim to become the industry standard for stone load bearing support systems.
KHD Landscaping Engineering Solutions are proud to stock Stone Clips. For more information please contact us.

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Stone Pin

StonePin is a support fixing that is suitable for a variety of surfaces including a full range of concrete and masonry substrates, rough or smooth. The system is a proven, simple design compromising of an anchor, shaft and detachable head.

When installed the weight of each stone panel is transferred to the structural wall.  The load is not transferred to the stone panel below.  This allows the installer to continually work without interruption, not needing to wait for chemical glues to cure.  

StonePin accommodates cavities from 40mm to 115mm. The Pin can hold loads of up to 81kgs for a 30mm cavities right down to 12 kgs per clip for a 115mm cavity.

No special tools or skills are required for installation, a 16mm drill bit, hammer, punch, spanner and grinder is all that is needed.