This magnificent sprawling private residence on the Mornington Peninsula has punctuations of bluestone throughout. As you meander through the property the visitor discovers numerous concealed garden rooms. These rooms have been created as contemplative places allowing the visitor to relax and unwind. These rooms are tastefully designed and accented with Australian Bluestone. The Bluestone is non-intrusive and sits perfectly in harmony with the green foliage palette. A mix of Hillview and Harcourt Granite spalls has been used to construct the staircase risers and stringers.

The pool is slick and polished. Framing the pool, a course of bluestone pavers and bull-nosed coping have been employed. This simplicity ensures the stone does not detract from the view. 

The property is still under construction with the addition of several guest houses.

We look forward to revisiting next year to see the completed project. 


Peninsula Property shines Bluestone circular fishpond

Peninsula Property shines Australian Bluestone stunning swimming pool

Peninsula Property shines Bluestone pergola

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