Porous Paving Supplier Melbourne

Porous paving is an excellent option for urban areas satisfying local government Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) requirements. Stormwater is absorebed back into the ground reducing the impact on the public stormwater.  The permeable material of the paver allows water to flow to the subgrade or it can be collected for future use. Porous paving is an environmentally sustainable product as it also 100% recyclable. 

The pavers are beneficial for trees grown in the built environment as the pavers allow water and airflow to access the roots of trees and shrubs.

Porous paving has tiny pores, smaller than most particles in water, which soak up the storm water.  The rain is filtered through into the paver.  100% of the water is replenished to the underground water system.


  • High slip resistance 
  • Reduces flood risk
  • No puddles after rain
  • No clogging and high permeability
  • Easy and familiar installation


  • No special maintenance required
  • No additional costs for cleaning,  just regular sweeping. 
  • Cleaning is easy with a hose and mild detergent

Why use porous paving

  • Mitigates the volume of surface water to be managed by traditional drainage systems. 
  • Suitable for walkway and driveway
  • Made from recycled material. 
  • Street plantings benefit greatly with access to naturally occurring rain events