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    Porcelain Paving Supplies

    Porcelain pavers are light, anti-slip, strong and flame resistant pavers that are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.
    Porcelain pavers are a great substitute for stone.
    Residential settings include – patios, terraces, gazebos, swimming pools, garden path, balconies and attics.
    Commercial applications include – bar and restaurant spaces, spa’s, beach resorts, high traffic swimming pools, events / exhibitions, car parks and walkways.
    Porcelain pavers are nonporous making them easy to clean and are not affected by salt attacks.
    Porcelain pavers are growing in popularity as the prints and colours manufactured on the porcelain surface are indistinguishable from natural stone to the untrained eye.


    Adhesive installation can be in a garden and courtyard setting or on surfaces with vehicle traffic. Can be used seamlessly for continuity between pedestrian and vehicular areas.
    VersiPave is an ideal partner for Porcelain pavers and is ideal for installation over waterproofed membrane areas.

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