Elmich Versiwall Suppliers

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Wall of plants and flowers
Wall of plants and flowers

Elmich Versiwall Suppliers

VersiWall is an easy to install and low maintenance modular green wall system which is ideal for domestic and commercial applications.

How does the Elmich VersiWall GP work?

The main component of the system is a tray, which is hooked directly on the VersiWall panels, welded mesh or steel rods. Each tray features an anti lift arm to prevent it being dislodged.

VersiWall trays allow plant spacings of 200mm and 250mm horizontally and 150mm and 225mm vertically to vary plant density as required.

Trays can be replaced or removed. Drip irrigation can be installed horizontally between trays. There is no need for high-tech feeding mechanisms as slow-release fertilizer pallets can be distributed manually during regular maintenance.

No special tools or equipment is required for the installation.

Features of Elmich VersiWall

Elmich VersiWall key features are:

  • Safe Anti Lift Arms on VersiWall trays
  • Multi-Configuration
  • Support for VersiWall trays
  • Hidden Irrigation Pipes
  • Multiple Mounting Option Support
  • Mounting Panel
  • VersiWall tray reservoir
  • Biological and Chemical Resistance