Amazing Bionic Tile Cladding for Yarra Valley Grammar

NOWarchitecture, a multi-award winning architectural practice with specialist expertise in environmentally sustainable design, have once again specified the amazing Bionictile® on one of their iconic projects.

The walls of the new Research Centre and Chapel at the Ringwood campus of Yarra Valley Grammar School have been clad in numerous exciting materials. The use of 450m2 of Bionic Tile on this build will help reduce Nitrous Oxide (NOx) from the atmosphere, and with its self-cleaning properties, will require no further maintenance.

The Bionic Tile destroys harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced by combustion from cars and industry by converting them into harmless water-soluble nitrogen compounds. Bionic Tile also reduces the presence of HNO3 (cause of acid rain) by up to 70%.

The off-white tiles are accentuated using an off-set pattern of overlapping tiles. Shadows are cast adding life and dimension to the façade. This was achieved by NOWarchitecture designing a single stainless steel stoneclip which also forms a ventilated system for improved thermal performance. Windows protrude at odd angles, as if to be punched out from the interior of the building, complimenting the overall aesthetic.


Architect – NOWarchitecture
Builder – Becon Constructions
Installation Contractor – Etched Industries