Green Roof Above a Carport and Home Office

The purpose of this green roof was to create an aesthetically pleasing natural and interesting view from the balcony of the main residential building. The green roof was installed above a carport and home office and will reduce the energy needed to cool the office.

The garden was planned and designed to create a rustic Australian look using a diverse range of Australian native plants such as native grasses and low growing perennials.

Although the builder had waterproofed the concrete sub base, Greenly Designs installed a 1000 micron liner over the area followed by a 30mm Drainage Cell and geofabric. This ensures fast movement of excess water to waste, minimising water sitting on the liner.

Blowing growing media onto a roof is the preferred method, although, in this instance, the substrate mixture was not conducive to blowing. Soil conveyor belts were utilized to carry the 6m3 of growing media to the roof.
These recent photos were taken 2 months after installation and show the plants are well established and flowering, despite the very harsh conditions we have just experienced. The grasses sway in the wind giving a calming effect, and the red Kangaroo Paw act as an accent to the landscape.


Architect – Pleysier Perkins
Builder – Kleev Homes
Landscape Architect – Matt Walsham Landscape Architecture
Contractor – Greenly Designs (Ash Ashraf & Karin Smith)