There is no dispute that Vertical Gardens are here to stay. They are popping on our city streets and parks and in our offices and homes and you don’t have to travel far to find one.

With that increased popularity has come the responsibility to meet safety requirements and this is why we are proud to launch with Elmich the first Greenwall system specifically designed to meet fire safety requirements.

Meet, VersiWall GT.

VersiWall GT is a modular greenwall system, which gives Architects and Builders a flexible solution for both indoor and outdoor greenwalls.  Manufactured from anodised aluminium, VersiWall GT fulfills fire safety requirements, particularly for indoor projects.

The trays, which are a standard 1000mm long, can be cut to length to fit the substrate wall perfectly. The aluminium is extremely durable and most importantly fulfills fire safety requirements for indoor greenwalls.

VersiWall GT has been designed to neatly hide irrigation pipes behind the plants.  The planting trays simply hook onto the pilasters.

The large trays can be pre-planted with mature plants creating an instant mature greenwall, for maximum visual impact on completion.  No need to wait for your Vertical Garden to grow!