In 2012 the Mulgrave Country Club built a new underground carpark under Green #2. This meant the loss of the green for 18 months while a large hole was excavated, the carpark constructed then a new green established on top of the carpark.

The challenge was to prevent any moisture migrating through the suspended concrete slab. Water movement through concrete collects salts, calcium and other minerals that can drip onto cars damaging their paint work.

The fast movement of excess water over the membrane to the waste points whilst maintaining a moist growing zone for the grass was required.

The solution was to install 30mm VersiCell over the membrane covered with geofabric. This greatly reduces the time water sits on the membrane decreasing the chance of moisture penetrating any weak points and the chance of total inundation during heavy rain events.

The VersiCell can move 16 litres of water per m2 second at a 1% gradient ensuring fast transition of water to waste.

The product has a compressive strength of 100 tonne p/m2 allowing heavy maintenance vehicles to traverse the green without product failure.

VersiCell is manufactured from high strength 100% recycled plastics and is resistant to oils, acids and bitumen.

After 7 years Green # 2 is in exceptional condition.

VersiCell is also commonly used as a vertical drainage solution behind retaining walls, where it creates a vapour barrier, allowing water to be directed immediately to the toe of a wall to be discharged via agricultural drains.