Residential Green Wall & Sandstone Paving Caulfield

With all the problems associated with flammable cladding materials, sometimes traditional methods are the best.

BBP Architects have designed this apartment development with bricks & sandstone. Impervious to fire, solid in its presence and a beautiful colour. The sandstone on the second story of this structure catches the light and eminates beautiful golden tones complimenting the red brick below.

Liberty Builders’ selection of KHD Grampian Sands sandstone was made for its ease of installation, colour variation and cost effectiveness, and was installed by Tiling Expert.

A direct glue installation process was elected over mechanical fixing due to the 600 x 300 x 12mm tiles weighing less than 5 Kg each.

Stone cladding is an excellent natural insulator and can contribute significantly to an improved stable interior temperature. As well as being an excellent thermal insulator, stonecladding is also a very good acoustic insulator.

As you can see from the photos, great cladding solutions can be achieved with traditional building methods without compromising the design intent.