Parc Apartments Malvern at the Centre of Melbourne’s Most Prestigious Suburbs

Parc Apartments is the product conceived & delivered by RK Developments.

Set in the centre of Melbourne’s most prestigious suburbs, this development is no stranger to luxurious finishes. A bold contemporary material palette, arranged in stunning linear geometry, sits perfectly in a lush landscaped environment.

KHD’s 1200 x 600 x 20mm Maroni porcelain tiles were selected for the cladding for this project.  Durability, colour and a slight textured surface were the critical elements required to achieve the design intent.

The tiles subtle texture diffuses light, not reflecting, blinding the passer-by, allowing the large walls to be comfortable to view in direct sunlight.

Weighing in at 34Kg each, the porcelain tiles required a proven fixing method to ensure compliance and longevity. The 8mm Adjustable Stoneclip was the chosen mechanical fixing method, as each clip can carry 26Kg with a 30mm cavity. Requiring two stoneclips per tile and only one fixing pin per clip, the ease & speed of installation is revealed. This is the most economical mechanical fixing system to install large stone cladding.

We love the result of this fine development and the feedback from the new occupants confirm that Rennie & his company deliver a quality product.