When it comes to residential pools, in our experience, they seem to have a 20-30 year lifecycle. Owners change, design preferences change, new regulations come into place, which naturally inspire owners to redevelop existing pools.

In this inner-city Melbourne home, the pool was ‘well loved’. It featured 300 x 300 slate tiles, which were old, were coming away from fixings and were not in keeping with the style of the home.

In this instance, the owners decided to upgrade the backyard, which included an extensive pool renovation. The design of the new backyard was also more in keeping with the beautiful Victorian style of the home.

The roman shaped 1980’s inspired pool was renovated and retiled. The new design featured Bluestone coping, which was curved to the existing shape as well Bluestone paving, in an Ashlar pattern which was laid in the area surrounding the pool as well as the driveway.

KHD suppliedBluestone

Contact – Phil Merritt – Landscaper