Renovation in Malvern

Most councils insist on permeable surfaces to reduce the pressure on our storm water infrastructure.

As the building envelope increases and open space areas are reduced, architects & developers are consistently looking for ways to meet councils’ demands for permeable surfaces. To meet council demands and allow storm water to percolate back into the ground, a great solution for this is Turfpave. Turfpave is a light weight plastic structure manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene designed to stabilize and support turf, grass or gravel. Positioned under the grass surface, the Turfpave distributes loads from pedestrian and vehicular traffic to the base course below, minimising root compaction. Seen here in the main photo is the All Press Melbourne Roastery in Collingwood where the site allows out of hours deliveries while allowing the site to be used as an alfresco dining area by day. By choosing turf instead of paving, the area is much cooler on hot days, and stains just simply grow out! As a gravel confinement solution, Turfpave solves the problem of stones migrating away from vehicles tyres, which ultimately lead to unsightly wheel ruts in driveways and carparks. If additional drainage is required, a layer of Versicell can be incorporated below the Turfpave and excess storm water manged to traditional pits.

KHD have supplied many 1000’s m2 of Turfpave in both domestic & commercial projects with great results.

All Press Collingwood
Contractor: Metro Landscape & Irrigation