The purpose of this Green Wall was to create an aesthetically pleasing focal point from the residential building and successfully hide the pool equipment housed behind. The Green wall contrasts beautifully against the clean, crisp lines of the Snow-White Sandstone.

The garden was designed and built by Troy Danns to create a slick minimalist look but is starkly juxtaposed with the green wall. The plant palette include dwarf varieties of Lomandra, Nandina, Agapanthus and Senecio.

The Elmich Versiwall system was chosen for its flexibility and ease of removal for maintenance or design change.

The Versiwall trays’ 6-point anchoring system allow them to be installed on different mounting frames. In this instance, the frame system chosen was 4mm galvanised mesh, with a 75 x 50mm grid which the trays sit on perfectly.

The wall is irrigated by a fully automated system and the baffle plates distribute the water across the trays preventing media spillage. Excess water is managed at the toe of the wall by 13mm poly pipes connected to the lower trays and diverted to the garden. 

Designer & Contractor: Troy Danns  Modula Green Walls