KHD recently supplied a 120,000 Litre  VersiTank 550 for use as a detention tank for the Amora Estate Town House development in Cairnlea.

Councils are consistently applying water sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles to these type of projects.

Where once vacant land could easily absorb stormwater into the ground, the stormwater runoff from new roof areas, car parks and hard stand areas, such as this, at Amora Estate, needs to be managed. To slow the extra water flow into the existing infrastructure, detention tanks are necessary.

During storms and heavy rain events, water is temporialiy held within the Versitank then discharged through a small orifice, allowing the water to re-enter the stormwater system slowly over a period of time.

VersiTank takes away the surge of large amounts of stormwater impacting on the existing infrastructure.

The considerations are: catchment area, volumes of heavy rain events and outlet flow rates, which will be determined by the local authority or Hydro Engineer.

Amora Apartments