The most versatile paver support available is the Elmich Versipave

Versipave units can be snapped into halves or quadrants for wall and corner junctions making this product the most economical solution for elevated paving systems. The installer only needs to commit one Versipave unit per tile, minimising waste. This is especially evident when there are multiple wall and corner junctions over numerous balconies.

The system eliminates the need for screeds reducing the dead loads on building structures and allows the builder to easily access the membrane if required.
When using Porcelain Tiles on paver supports it is important to incorporate a fall into the finished surface. Porcelain tiles are non-porous which is great for maintenance but due to the high surface tension of the tiles, water remains on the surface until it evaporates. This could lead to slip hazards and is also unsightly.
To overcome this, a fall can easily be incorporated into the finished surface to ensure the water is shed to the 4mm open joints. Using Versipave, each corner of the tile is independently adjustable, so the installer can easily create falls across the site. Do not use self-levelling paver supports as this will ensure water is retained on the surface of the tile.

When set down heights demand 200mm or greater, it is more economical to use the Versijack Paver Support. Versijack screw jack pedestals are available with a slope corrector which can be utilised to incorporate a fall. Finer adjustment on each corner can be achieved using 1 or 2mm neoprene shims.