KHD supplied two VersiWall® installations  as part of the $65m Geelong Hospital redevelopment project.

VersiWall is an easy to install green wall system with the main component being the well-engineered pot, which is hooked directly on the VersiWall panels. Each pot has a water retention reservoir to enable plants to take up moisture between irrigation cycles during irregular hot dry periods. Each tray also features an anti lift arm to prevent it being dislodged.

VersiWall trays allow plant spacing’s of 200mm and 250mm horizontally and 150mm and 225mm vertically to vary plant density as required.

For this project, the installations were in a car park and a courtyard area and featured approx. 2500 individual potted plants.

The two VersiWall installations are linked to a control room, which features a fully automatic irrigation and fertigation system.

Green walls are ideal for projects such as this where traditional planting is not available and plants provide a soothing environment and help to clean the air.

No special tools or equipment are required for VersiWall installations.


Main contractor – Kane Constructions
Installer – Hydro Turf
Architect– Silver Thomas Hanley
Landscape Architect (plant selection) – Land Design Partnership