Urban Canopee

Introducing Urban Canopee, an environmental infrastructure that counteracts the urban heat island effect. Greening up our cities and cooling them down.

Plants are the best natural air conditioner. They foster biodiversity, enhance well-being, improve livability and the attractiveness of any urban landscape.

However, the urban environment wasn’t designed to accommodate more nature. Urban Canopee offers a solution to green urban spaces differently, where planting directly in the ground is not possible.

With their low carbon impact and water-efficient Canopee range, they aim to cover the city’s landscape with a modular, reversible, and lightweight green living canopy to combat the effect of climate change.

Urban Canopee technology adapts to every urban context providing a rapid and easily implemented alternative to complement existing green spaces.

This disruptive solution cools down cities through plants’ amazing properties, wherever trees cannot be planted.

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