The Elmich MEP Tray is a shallow planter designed specifically for extensive planting over roof tops. The MEP tray takes care of water storage, drainage and provides an environment for the plants to thrive.

The Elmich 500x500mm MEP trays has an integrated water storage and drainage system. Each MEP Tray stores up to 7 litres of water which means that the plants are sustained by approx. 3500 litres of stored rainwater.  This reduces the overall reliance on irrigation systems and any excess rainwater is drained via a network of pipes.

At this project in Eastern Sydney, 500 MEP Trays covered a 126m2 roof.  4500 plants were planted on site, mainly succulents and grasses that will tolerate the exposed conditions.  As the plants grow the landscape will soften improving the view for anyone who overlooks the roof garden. A wildlife habitat will also start to evolve providing a safe space for birds and bees.

Research worldwide has shown that green roofs limit the impact of climate change underlining the valuable role they play in sustainable design.  They reduce heat transmission from rooftop to habitable space below, lower ambient temperature, mitigate urban heat islands, reduce run off and improve air quality and aesthetics.

Project Contact

Landscape Installer: 3 Owls Landscaping.