When it comes to delivering a green roof, Ian Barker Gardens has a policy which we firmly believe in – that the success of a green roof lies with the performance of the membrane. The membrane must be secure and flood tested successfully before any construction begins. It’s a process and policy that is critical and we support the Ian Barker Garden team in this pursuit.

With regards to this recent project, Ian Barker Gardens were engaged to design a biophilic Green Roof space for staff at Pentana Solutions. Pentana provide innovative solutions for the automotive industry. We can certainly see how this green roof space would help inspire an organisation to achieve such innovative projects.

For this project, KHD supplied drainage cell and geo fabric which was used in the garden beds and planter boxes.

VersiPave was also installed across the entire space and, in particular, was an innovative partner in the development of the ‘Chess Board’. VersiPave allows for the corner of each paver to be adjusted to a different height. The chess board was installed using bluestone pavers & synthetic turf clad pavers. Using the VersiPave made this solution easy as the ‘green’ squares were set slightly lower than the stone squares, creating a constant finished surface level. The end result – bingo… or checkmate!

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Green Roof Designer & Construction – Ian Barker Gardens