Dale and Julie Pearce know a thing or two about building and running child care centres. Having been in the business for 20 years, and being parents themselves, they understand that the landscaping and outside environment is one of the make or break factors in getting and maintaining enrolments, and that’s why when building their latest venue, Platypus Junction Child Care, the landscape took priority.
Botanical Traditions, the Landscape Architects, paid special consideration to the plant selection and included a variety of hardscape materials and other elements to create additional play opportunities for the children in care. Specific areas included a productive vegetable and fruit area, through to a prehistoric area looking into more formal areas featuring pleached trees. The outcome is a landscape that is both interesting and varied.

Melbourne Landscape Company was the main contractor for the landscaping, and the build would normally be a 16-week project. However, with only 8 weeks available, the project was partially handed over to allow for the construction of the landscape while the internal fit out was still being completed.
KHD supplied VersiJack for the various decking areas. Natural stone was also utilised on this project such as Bluestone and Travertine.

A permeable root barrier system was also installed to stop roots entering the drainage cell while allowing water to pass through at the same time.

KHD also supplied

  • VersiDrain, water retention tray
  • Drainage cell
  • Geo fabric

The design process was extensive. Botanical Traditions were contracted to prepare concepts, 3D modelling, and to get the project designed to brief, liaised extensively with the base Architect, Fitout Architect and various engineers. Also from a construction point of view, Melbourne Landscape Company also had extensive co-ordination with all parties which included significant logistics to get the materials ‘up’ onto the roof!

Platypus Junction Child Care officially launched in January 2017.

Developer – Salta
Landscape Architect – Botanical Traditions
Builder – Harris HMC
Structural Elements – Figurehead
Main Contractor – Melbourne Landscape Company